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There are people operating both Facebook and Twitter accounts claiming to be us. Mary and I DO NOT have any Facebook or Twitter account. Any person claiming to be either Mary or myself operating Facebook, Twitter or any other social media account, other than the Divine Truth FAQ and the Divine Truth YouTube accounts, is misrepresenting the truth and fraudulently claiming our identity.

We have attempted to point out these fraudulent claims to Facebook and Twitter, but as yet no action has been taken by the companies running these sites, and so we felt it best to warn people from our website about these false claims.
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Mary & Jesus

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Divine Truth
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Notes About Contacting Us!
We would like to thank you for spending your time visiting our website, and we hope that your visit has assisted you in your relationship with God in some way. If you wish to contact us, the contact details are listed below.

Mary and myself no longer answer directly the emails sent to the following contact addresses, because we receive far too many emails to personally respond to each and every email individually. For this reason, we have other people responding to the email addresses below, and they refer contacts to Mary and myself when they need to.

Mary and I are very busy sharing Divine Truth, and so it is not possible for us to respond to questions or have discussions on the phone or by email very much at all, unless we feel the answers to those questions would benefit a wide variety of people, then we answer them and place the details on the FAQ page of this website.

Also, although it takes less time to talk on the phone rather than answering questions by email, it is not possible for us to answer individual questions on the phone, because otherwise most of our day would be spent answering individual questions, and our much larger goals would never be realized. We prefer to have interactions with groups of people just like as shown above in the photograph, taken at Murgon, Queensland, Australia, and then record those interactions so that others can benefit.
Legal Issues About Contacting Us!
Legal Notice


Please note that if you contact us (Jesus, Mary, Divine Truth Office, Divine Truth Enquiries), either by phone, letter, email, SMS message or any other medium, we reserve the right to use any such message you send in any manner we wish, which include using it on the internet in a public manner. We receive some phone calls, letters, emails and other messages that are abusive in nature, and we reserve the right to place such material on our website, our YouTube Channels, or other locations on the internet, and respond to the points raised within such messages. If you do not wish your information to be used in such a manner, then we suggest that you do not send us the message or contact us.

If you mark any email confidential, but use the email as a form of attack, abuse, or misrepresentation of the truth about Mary, Jesus or the message of Divine Truth they teach, then we shall also place the content of those emails on this site and generally attempt to answer the attack, abuse or misrepresentation. If you do not wish your message to be used in such a manner, then do not send us the message. This includes any message sent to any email address, or to any other personal address that Jesus & Mary use.

For more information, please visit the Our Terms page.