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Mary & Jesus
Thankyou For Your Donations!
Mary and I would like to thank you for your donations.

We do not have any other source of income aside from your donations, and we provide every service free-of-charge. We use donated funds to hire venues, purchase technical equipment to produce sound and video files, travel and accommodation expenses, gifting to people less fortunate than ourselves in other countries, and general living expenses. We personally benefit from the donations you donate to either Mary, myself, or the Divine Truth organisation. We believe the "Truth that sets you free" should also be free of financial fees.
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Mary & Jesus


Mary and I do not have any other source of income aside from your donations and gifts, and we provide every service free-of-charge. We believe the "Divine Truth that sets you free" should also be free of financial charges.

Your donations in this section go directly towards our living expenses. This allows us to provide Divine Truth events & materials full-time.

Donations via Paypal:

Either click the donate button in the left panel (under the Legal Matters section), or setup your own paypal account (that you can use for as a convenient method of transferring funds from a credit card or bank account for our donations and other purchases. It is simple to set up.

To Join: Optionally create an account at
To Donate: Send money to

Donations via bank direct deposit:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Branch: Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia
BSB No: 064-418
Account Name: Alan J Miller
Account No: 10204754

Donations from USA & Canada you may also need the following:
Agent Bank: Bank of New York
ABA: 021 0000 18 001

Donations by Personal Cheque:

Please do not donate by personal cheque unless you live in Australia. To help our accounting, please make all cheques to either one of the following:

Alan John Miller, or
Mary Suzanne Luck, or
Divine Truth Pty Ltd

Our Activities
At the moment, I do the following:

At the moment, Mary does the following:

Those involved in the provision of other services to you (such as filming and sound recording of talks & seminars, venue hire, DVD production and supply, hard disk copying, USB memory stick copying etc) are donating their funds, time and resources as well, and you may also thank those who are providing these other services either by emailing them your thanks directly and/or donating to them directly. Those who are doing this fulltime, and who have no other source of income, are listed on these webpages individually.

Mary and I support organisations that have objectives and principles which are in harmony with the teachings of Divine Truth. If you are connected with one of these organisations, please contact us and let us know what you are attempting to do.