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Our Intentions For All Events
By attending our events, each attendee signifies their agreement to our stated and purposeful intentions for the events colectively which are:
How Events Are Organized
Mary and I sometimes organize seminars, interviews, workshops, groups, and other events ourselves, but we also respond to the invitations of individuals or groups in all locations around the world to speak at different venues. These venues can be private homes, outside, or any type of auditorium.

In order for this to happen in your location, the following occurs:

1. We wait until someone expresses an interest and desire for us to come to your location.

2. We suggest that this person encourages others in their location to watch the introductory videos (or even all videos available) so a group of persons is created through the desire of the original person interested. Since all the material we produce is without copyright, it may be copied as much as possible. Presentations are freely available from the website as well, either as MP3's or as YouTube videos.

3. We suggest that if the group still has a desire for us to come, that a collection is taken up in order to pay for the expected expenses to get to that location. This may not always be needed if we have already received donations from other sources to travel. The group may not want Mary or myself specifically, but may be fine with other couples visiting them who are on the Divine path and well progressed in dealing with their own emotions. The group will need to specify whether they can wait for us to come, or whether they want to ask someone else to come in our place.

4. Once there are enough funds to cover the expenses of the trip, either from prior donations or from the groups collection, the group can let Mary and I, or any other teaching couple nominated, know (via the email address, and then arrangements to travel to that location are made. We also make arrangements to video and record the sound for the visit.

5. When we, or any other couple attend the event, a donation box is present for any who attend to donate funds for the presenters' personal living expenses (but it is not a requirement for any attendee to donate, since any presenter who wants to do this kind of teaching will provide all sessions free of charge). All donations are anonymous. Donations generally received go towards covering our expenses.

You may contact the Divine Truth Office directly via email:
Interview Information