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Overview, Purpose & Requirements
Who Can Interview?
We can arrange for any member of the public, the media, or any person who has listened to our presentations and desires to know more information on any specific subject, to interview Mary or myself collectively or individually. We have some particular requirements before interviews can proceed, and they are listed below.

The photo is of Mary and I being interviewed Geoff Whitehead, who is now a friend, but whom we had only briefly met before the interview began. We have had members of the media stay with us while interviewing, and we have also been interviewed in front of audiences.
Our Purpose Allowing Interviews
From our own perspective, the main reasons for allowing interviews (and our purpose for all events) include:
Our Intentions For The Interview (and all Events)
Our stated and purposeful intentions for the interview and all events we arrange are:
Our Requirements Before An Interview Can Proceed
The following requirements must be met before any interview with any person or organisation can proceed: