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Since Learning Centres are completely autonomous entities, and most of the Learning Projects are developed and delivered on the Learning Centres, we expect that the owners of the Learning Centres will continue to run these centres in harmony with the principles that myself and Mary have taught, which we have documented. In addition, if those owners still want Mary and I to provide mentoring to the owners and project managers, Mary and I are still very keen to do this. We expect that the Learning Centres will develop their own projects in harmony with the general principles that would continue to guide Learning Centres, and that there will be very many enthusiastic volunteers and other organisations who wish to help them achieve their goals.

At this stage we know that the Learning Centres in Australia desire to continue operating as normal, and providing projects and developing leaders for those projects. They are also keen to continue getting assistance from Mary and myself, which we will continue to offer.

Monthly projects are currently being developed for the next year for both the Kentucky NSW and Wilkesdale QLD Learning Centres. I am also assisting each Learning Centre to setup their own blogs, which we hope to have operational shortly. These blogs will inform the public about the projects that are in development, along with providing more information about past and future projects. In addition, the God's Way Of Love YouTube Channel will continue operating, and will continue to be updated as new material is produced. However, the God's Way Of Love organisation will no longer produce the information presented, since this will be done by the Learning Centres themselves (if they desire).

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