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Media & Public Interviews
Interview Requests
We can arrange for any member of the media of the public to interview Mary or myself collectively or individually. We have some particular requirements before interviews can proceed, and they are listed below.

If you are interested in interviewing Mary or myself, or you are a media outlet or associated with a media outlet, please examine the process below for details of how to proceed. We cannot allow an interview to proceed or continue unless these conditions are met.
Our Intentions
By being present at an interview that involves us, each attendee signifies their agreement to our stated and purposeful intentions for the interview colectively which are:
How All Interviews Are Organised
A team of volunteers are involved in the organisation of every interview, since there are many persons involved in making the experience flow smoothly, and to get the subsequent recorded information into presentation form.

In order for an interview of Mary or myself to proceed:
The main reasons for these requirements are that our previous experience with almost all media organisations has been that they were; dishonest with us about their original intentions, unable to agree to an ethical arrangement for the interview, willing to falsify details they know are completely untrue, focus on trying to instigate the public into attacking us, sensationalise the story to obtain more viewers/readers, unwilling to make sure of facts before the publishing or going to air, and willing to lie about us in the report knowing that we shall not take legal action against them.