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What Can Be Ordered
At the moment it is possible to order the following:
What We Can Supply
Currently, we can supply the following services: In addition, most of this material is also available from other sources around the world. You can see these sources listed on the Third Party suppliers page.
How We Supply Material
As donations become available, Mary and I, along with a team of people, are involved in both the mastering, production and distribution of Divine Truth material Mary and I have presented, and other non-copywrited Divine Truth and Spiritual material. There are many people working on this project, including translating the material into other languages.

The earlier video copies have poor sound and video quality, but the latest copies being produced have excellent sound and video quality. At the moment, this team is currently uploading the videos onto YouTube for free download, and also producing master HDD's so that people can obtain copies of them and distribute them freely.

The team is currently doing all of this work free of any charge. All donations collected for the production of this material goes towards further production.

Mary and I do NOT receive any proceeds from the supply of these materials, nor do we automatically receive funds from helping in the supply of materials that are produced by other people who are on the private supply lists for each country.

Those people collect those funds they have donated to them, and they do whatever they wish with those funds. Each person or organization listed on the Third Party suppliers page supplies these materials because it is their own desire to do so, and they have indicated to us that they are willing to provide them for free, just as we do. Please consider donating to them to help them cover their costs and time.